Tiny Homes Gone Wrong

abandonded-their-tiny-homeIn 2009, then-30-year-old-Jonathan Bellows had an urge to build his own house. He was on the road a lot so a tiny home seemed to be the perfect solution so someone who lived alone and didn’t need much. After building, there was some confusion on the zoning laws in his township. Eventually his dream home was rendered illegal because of the lack of square footage on the building.


The draws to tiny living sparks the ‘thrifty adventurer’ in many of us but when your bed is in your kitchen its not always puppies and rainbows. Definitely not puppies – there is no space for pets in one of these things.

Zoning laws on tiny homes, where they can stand and what they’re considered seems to be a common hurtle and has caused many tiny homeowners to completely relinquish their dreams and the tiny home in progress when many states don’t seem to have a solution to enable the project to continue.

5e97a12afdea48c7a435dc2bd581f2b1f6090690The other major reason homeowners take a detour is how drastic the lifestyle change becomes. When you’re young and single, or even an adventurous married couple the sacrifices are part of the fun but it doesn’t take much for the reality of living in a 200 square foot box to set in. Having children, family in town or a friend come over aren’t easily welcomed in a tiny home. There are valid sacrifices that have to be addressed when dreaming of the simplicity of this life and many have found out a little too late that its just not for them.



Do you know a tiny homeowner?

What is the smallest square footage you have resided in and what was it like?

Comment below, we really are curious!



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