on the border hoarder

-on the border HOARDER


Everything from match books to felines can become the subject of obsession. Where is the line between committed collector or innocent cat lady, to full fledged hoarding? The severity is vast and the line may be fuzzy but there’s more out there than you’d think.

There are a large handful of real life t.v. programs covering the struggles and treatment of people suffering from compulsive hoarding disorder: Hoarders, Clean Sweep, Extreme Clutter, Clean House…2308087644_9e17b11905_b

When someone collects items, they are proud of them and often show them off. Hoarders keep items but are not interested in showing them off.  When those possessions cause distress to the individual or interfere with normal life, is when collecting or saving crosses the line into hoarding.


Compulsive hoarding affects approximately 700,000 to 1.4 million people in the U.S

dd9c9288fa6408c5a4fee2c8b98b8c6aYou can imagine the actual number of people struggling with this disorder could be anywhere within this range or far exceed it, being that it is often kept secret. Hoarding can keep people in a state of isolation through simply the time it takes to collect and keep collecting all the “stuff”, but also through the fear of people seeing how bad things have gotten. Leaving the comfort and safety of the self made prison can be terrifying and having people come and see it for themselves is out of the question. It keeps many from leaving the house at all, certainly ever moving, traveling or ever selling their home.

We’ve come across a few of what we would call “on the border hoarders” buying those homes nobody wants. Part of the beauty and mission of our business is investing in our neighborhoods; the homes and the people. If your sitting at your overtaken computer desk right now surrounded by newspapers from 1984 and a large collection of plastic Airplane spoons (that’s a real one, look it up) then know you’re not alone but it’s probably time to make a change.


If you or someone you know needs to get rid of that house of horrors then look no further. 

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