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A Week of Factoids

Days of the week rubber stamps

Monday:  On average Monday is the least rainy day of the week, possibly as a result of man-made pollution decreasing over the weekend.

Tuesday: According to a survey in 2002, Tuesday is the most productive day of the week in the workplace.

Wednesday: A recent survey in the US reported that bosses are most receptive to requests on a Wednesday.

Thursday: In the USSR of the 1970s and 1980s Thursday was the “Fish Day”, when the nation’s food service establishments were supposed to serve fish (rather than meat) dishes.

Friday: American psychologist Donald Dossey coined a special term, “Paraskavedekatriafobiya”: the fear of Friday the 13th. According to the results of his research, in this day America loses $ 900 million due to decline of productivity.

Saturday: Children are allowed to have candies only on Saturdays, every week in Sweden. This is termed as Saturday Candy

Sunday: You can be fined up to $1,000 for whistling on Sunday in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Aside from a few moments of entertainment, I think we all learned some useful tips to take into our next week:

 Wait until Tuesday to give your team a daunting task and Wednesday to ask your boss for a raise. You won’t need to pack your umbrella come Monday, for what most see as the most depressing day of the week, it sure holds a ray of sunshine! I think the limited sweets idea for kids is genius and probably makes those attitudes a little sweeter! Whistlers; control yourselves if you’re planning a trip to the beehive state. The amount of money lost on Friday the 13th is in my opinion quite fear-worthy; so way to go Paraskavedekatriafobiacs! Last but not least, let us take a moment to be thankful ‘fish day’ isn’t a thing anymore. wishes you a successful week! 

Work hard and don’t forget to laugh.




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