Big Time Movers

I recently came across a moving statistic that surprised me:


“A person in the United States can expect to move more than 11 times in their lifetime”


Am I the only one who was expecting a much lower number? Thinking about all the details of the moving process can make your head start to spin. There are countless reasons people leave one home for another: marriage, jobs, passions, growing families…

If we as Americans are moving over eleven times in our lives then it must mean we’ve all got some pretty important things we value enough to make the stress, cost, work and time it takes to pick up and move, worth it. And then to do it again, and again and again.

What an amazing privilege we have to live in a country where this is normal!

Reading this little fact not only made me thankful for our country and lifestyle but also (shameless plug!) for options like that really can help people focus on the reasons for moving rather than all the hassle it brings with it. When we’ve got our family, careers and future on the line, who wants to figure out which realtor to use or hold a bunch of open houses?

Hug your families, walk into work with a smile and get home thankful for the roof over your head!



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