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Here at GoMyPlace, our minds and hearts are especially focused on the blessings in our business and in our lives. We are blossoming and we are creating connections all over the state. We see deals close with happy clients and receive wonderful and encouraging feedback.

The natural thought to follow is how can we pour out some of what we’ve received? How can we spread some of that goodness around? There are plenty of people in our own neighborhoods that are in a season where it’s hard to see the blessings through the many trials.

SO…To turn thought into action, we’ve created GoMyPlace GIVES BACK!

Let us introduce you to the Care Fund!

The Care Fund provides mortgage or rent support during a child’s extended health crisis. Helping families all over Arizona since 2010. They are an Arizona-based 501(c)(3) non-profit where donations go directly to the support of Arizona families. Their mission is to keep families in their homes while they care for their seriously ill or injured child.

How giving will benefit you

  • You will receive a DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR tax credit! (up to $400 per individual)
  • Your charitable contribution will help your local community which directly benefits you!
  • This contribution will offset your Arizona income tax obligation and is in addition to school/education and foster tax credits!
  • You get that warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing you just helped change a family’s world.

How to give

  • CLICK HERE to make a donation
  • Write “GoMyPlace” in the referral box so we can keep track of our giving goals!
  • Get ready to spread some serious joy to some awesome families in need.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Care Fund

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