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Christmas is JUST around the corner and we have some exciting news that’s sure to spread some Holiday Cheer! Our mission to partner with the Care Fund in helping AZ families with children in the hospital to stay in there homes was a SUCCESS. The Care Fund has made a massive impact in the lives […]

Tiny Homes Gone Wrong

In 2009, then-30-year-old-Jonathan Bellows had an urge to build his own house. He was on the road a lot so a tiny home seemed to be the perfect solution so someone who lived alone and didn’t need much. After building, there was some confusion on the zoning laws in his township. Eventually his dream home […]

Tiny Homes

After all the clutter talk last week, we were inspired to swing to the other end of the pendulum and explore home owners that push the limits of simplicity.   “Simply put, it is a social movement where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in. The typical American home is around 2,600 […]

on the border hoarder

-on the border HOARDER Everything from match books to felines can become the subject of obsession. Where is the line between committed collector or innocent cat lady, to full fledged hoarding? The severity is vast and the line may be fuzzy but there’s more out there than you’d think. There are a large handful of […]


We believe in constantly giving back to the community You’ll notice a new tab on our website this week and we can’t wait to share the news with YOU! goMYPLACE GIVES BACK is an effort to give back to the community by raising funds for a local charity. We’re currently featuring the Care Fund who’s mission […]

Fun Facts for your Week

A Week of Factoids Monday:  On average Monday is the least rainy day of the week, possibly as a result of man-made pollution decreasing over the weekend. Tuesday: According to a survey in 2002, Tuesday is the most productive day of the week in the workplace. Wednesday: A recent survey in the US reported that […]

Big Time Movers

I recently came across a moving statistic that surprised me:   “A person in the United States can expect to move more than 11 times in their lifetime”   Am I the only one who was expecting a much lower number? Thinking about all the details of the moving process can make your head start to spin. […]

we have a blog

Ola.Greetings.Hola.Bonjour.Ciao.Aloha.HELLO. We are so excited to announce the goMYPLACE.com Blog. Bringing you: personal and business related news, PLUS anything we deem interesting enough to share! This month marks the beginning of our blogging journey and we would love to have you along for the ride! There is a ton we can’t wait to share and […]